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Peter Bain, a former automotive electrical remanufacturer together with this son, Geoff, have created the “Rand-Tek” brand.  Rand-Tek parts are designed by both U.S and Taiwanese engineers, manufactured in joint-ventured Chinese factories controlled by the “Rand-Tek” high international standards of manufacturing such as ISO/TS 16949.

Rand Group Inc. has become a leading global supplier of rectifiers, voltage regulators, diodes, for the OEM and aftermarket  products related to the automotive, heavy duty, commercial and industrial markets. Rand Group Inc. is based in Miami Fl. USA and is made up of approximately 450 trained workers world-wide who apply their knowledge and skills in manufacturing facilities, engineering centres, R. & D. centres, and distribution centres.

 “When you combine our Taiwanese expertise in regulators, chips and circuitry with our knowledge of rectifiers, diodes and our understanding of what quality the rebuilder demands, the entire industry is benefiting from our joint ventures” Bain remarked.

So far this combination has worked beyond expectation – and indications are that our progress and growth will continue in 2015 and onwards.

Bain, believes that the Rand-Tek growth and success, lies in part due to the control Rand exercises across the entire chain.  “In China there are perhaps 1,000 different companies that assemble but really do not create and manufacture rectifiers and regulators. To ensure total control of the quality of our products, we decided Rand must be in complete control of all components of the products we make. That’s why Rand-Tek, now has four factories which build only our product. This is the only way we can be completely sure our products meet our stringent quality requirements ensuring that the first part to the millionth part made remain the same.”

 Having proven the viability of Rand’s business concept, the two Bain's now focus on the next steps in the company’s development. One is the continued consolidation of the Rand-Tek brand name and the other is working closely with our customers to assist them resolve their new challenges.

 As to the branding, the intention is to create a higher profile in the market - which is not always straightforward. As Geoff Bain explains, Rand-Tek sometimes is the “brand behind the brand,” i.e. some our products are hidden under more familiar OE brand names. Increasing numbers of customers are coming to us and saying: “We know your products and we like them because we trust your quality” Bain remarked, “as we continue to grow the business, we believe this will happen more and more. Over the next two years, we will see more of this.”

 With regard to “challenges” – “Rand-Tek thrives on the rising demand of analyzing and developing innovative new solutions to challenges as requested by our customers. The scenario can even be where a customer outside the automotive and heavy duty segments asks Rand to develop a new chip or circuit board for a specific application. In other words, “Because of our expertise within this area, we’re increasingly asked to suggest solutions for applications that have nothing to do with automotive. We develop them in-house and can offer customers completely tailor-made solutions. In such cases, we move into areas of genuine high-tech expertise – using our own diodes and chips.

I think I can put it like this, Bain said: Everyday is new and exciting.”